Covid: Autumn Term 2021

Whilst guidelines and restrictions have relaxed we still need to minimise the risk of spreading Covid as much as we can. The following procedures have changed slightly from last term so please make sure you read it all carefully and share it with our students.

  • Please ensure you inform me prior to class by text on 07903 753167 if a MBS student or someone in their family becomes unwell with Covid-19 symptoms. Emails are not picked up daily.
  • No one who has had symptoms of Covid-19 in the last two weeks should attend classes. For the latest information and all symptoms please refer to
  • All students should arrive for class ready with their hair up in a bun, and their correct dancewear on. There will not be a changing room available, so please wear something quick and easy to remove over the top if necessary. Students will not be allowed to dance if they do not have the correct dance shoes with them. Please bring the bare minimum as possible into the studio. Drinking water should be brought from home and no food to be brought in at all please.
  • As the weather will be getting cooler this term, I recommend the student stays in the car until you see me come outside the automatic doors. We can then go on in without the weather affecting us too much. If you then wait in the car until you see us come out after class has finished, before coming to collect them from me. Only those that have indicated their consent to allow their child to leave the studio without an adult will be allowed to go to their parked car alone; however it is not my responsibility to ensure their safety once out of the studio. If a child is late in being collected they will come back up into the studio with me until their parent collects them from there.
  • No parents or siblings are to enter the building, and should wait in the car park, or go home and come back again.
  • Hand sanitiser is provided in wall dispensers for use on the way in and out from the studio.
  • Class numbers will be kept small and class content will be the same as usual, with the students keeping social distancing wherever possible.
  • Teachers will endeavour to keep their distance. However, they may need to get closer if necessary to attend to a student for the sake of their health, safety or wellbeing. 
  • I would encourage all students to wait until they get home to use the toilet if possible, but there is hand gel and paper towels for use in the downstairs toilet if absolutely necessary. For Pre-Primary, I will have an adult helping me in class and so they can escort the child to the toilet if absolutely necessary, but please use your facilities at home before coming to class.
  • To maximise ventilation, all windows and doors will remain open throughout the day and evening. The air conditioning unit can be used to regulate temperature but please wear a cross over ballet cardigan for comfort. (All uniform available at Dancemania).
  • The banister and ballet barres will be cleaned before every class.
  • The building is cleaned daily by school cleaning staff.
  • Masks for all adults and children are optional when inside the building.