Information for students

Below you will find a range of documents covering any information you may need as a member of the school.

N.A.T.D. Syllabus:
To assist a pupil at the school to practice at home, you may find that a copy of what they are learning helpful. Please view our dedicated page to find the grade you are looking for: N.A.T.D. Syllabus

Murilova Uniform
Murilova Ballet School has a strict uniform and appearance policy to help the dancers to concentrate on what they are doing and it is important that you read what is required:

If you are attending Contemporary there is no set uniform just leggings and t-shirt or leotard of choice and bare feet.
If you are attending our Adult classes, please read more on the dedicated page: Adult Ballet Class

** Please note that Covid-19 restrictions may have altered the uniform requirements slightly for your class, please get in touch with Tina if you are unsure **