Information for students

Below you will find a range of documents covering any information you may need when you are a member of the school.
Please be aware that if you are viewing this information on a tablet or mobile device, you may have issues in downloading the documents and will need to switch to a PC or Mac.

Please download our registration document, complete it and return to Tina at your earliest convenience to ensure we have all of your contact information. It can be downloaded here:
Enrolment Form

N.A.T.D. Syllabus:
To assist a pupil at the school to practice at home, you may find that a copy of what they are learning helpful. Please click on each link to be taken to a Google Drive folder where you will be able to download and print the document.
Grade One
Grade Two
Grade Three
Grade Four
Grade Five
Grade Six
Intermediate Foundation
Intermediate Students
Advanced One
Advanced Two

Advice for Pointe Shoes:
It is very important that you read this document as it contains information regarding how to look after your new shoes:
Pointe Shoes

Murilova Uniform
Murilova Ballet School has a strict uniform and appearance policy to help the dancers to concentrate on what they are doing and it is important that you read what is required:
If you are attending Contemporary there is no set uniform just leggings and t-shirt or leotard of choice and bare feet.

** Please note that Covid-19 restrictions may have altered the uniform requirements slightly for your class, please get in touch with Tina if you are unsure **

How to create a ‘bun’
Keeping hair off the face during class is really important as it can distract the dancer and affect their posture. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow this simple video:
Hair for class

You may find that documents stored in Google Drive are better viewed on a PC or Mac rather than a phone/tablet.
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