Murilova Ballet School Uniform

All of our uniform is stocked at Dancemania, Creekmoor, Poole. The shop has a full list of uniform requirements for our school and will be able to help you if you call them or pop in.
Visit their website here: Dancemania


Pre-Primary and Primary: White short sleeved leotard, white chiffon skirt, white crossover cardigan, pink ballet ankle socks and pink leather ballet shoes with elastics.

Lower Grade One to Grade 6: Green lycra leotard, pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes with elastics. (Grade 6 can wear split sole canvas shoes if preferred. Pointe shoes in Grade 6 to be advised).

Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II: Black Capezio Cami Bratek leotard (BX110), green elastic belt (please buy the belt from Tina directly) pink tights and pink canvas split sole ballet shoes. Pointe shoes required if dancer is taking exams.You may wish to read more on how to look after your pointe shoes:

Character shoes and skirt: These are required for exams from Grade 3 upwards but please check when to buy them and sometimes we have some second-hand stock available for sale.

Should you wish to wear a warm up garment at the start of class please choose a black ballet cross-over cardigan. Murilova Ballet School tracksuits and hoodies are great to wear to and from the studio but will have to be removed for safety reasons as class begins please.


Please come to class with hair neatly tied up in a bun (you will need a hair net and V pins), and fringes clipped back away from the face. Putting your hair up like this puts you into ‘ballet mode’ and means there are no distractions for the dancer or the spectator.

How to create a ‘bun’
Keeping hair off the face during class is really important as it can distract the dancer and affect their posture. If you’re not sure how to do it, follow this simple video:
Hair for class


Pre-Primary to Grade 6: White short sleeved leotard with forest green shorts. White leather ballet shoes and socks. Split sole canvas ballet shoes can be worn from grade 6 if preferred. 

Intermediate Foundation to Advanced II: White short sleeved leotard with forest green leggings. White split sole canvas ballet shoes and socks.

All: If your hair is long enough to go into a pony tail please ensure it is tied up for classes.


No jewellery is allowed to be worn for ballet as it can be dangerous for the wearer and for other dancers around you. If you cannot take studs earrings out, please cover them with tape like you do for PE at school.