Thank you for all the wonderful work you do with the dancers. The performances are always so professional. Joanne B

It’s my little dance family! It’s just so much fun and everyone is really nice there. After I’ve finished my lesson I always feel so proud, and the shows are really cool too!          
Izzy C

Murilova comes very highly recommended. My daughter has been going for 5 years and the progress in her is amazing. Not just the difference in her dancing but her confidence has really improved. Tina and Ali (who have both taught my daughter) have such a lovely way of teaching. No pressure to be better than anyone else but also getting the best out of every child.
Rachel P

Murilova has been part of our lives for 7 years now and is definitely a special place for my daughter. I’ve seen her progress from being a very shy little girl to someone who doesn’t dread performing on stage! Tina and Ali are both accomplished and committed instructors who make the school environment simultaneously professional and homely (perhaps it’s winning feature). It definitely becomes a place students find their feet as dancers, there’s a fabulous rapport between the older and younger students- adding to their feeling of being part of the Murilova family. Recommend it without any hesitation.                  
Kanchan C

My daughter has been part of the Murilova Ballet family for 12 and a half years! She used to join in with her big sister as a toddler at 2 and a half, and enrolled officially at age 3. Ballet has been a huge part of her life. She still lights up every week when she goes in and comes out buzzing! That joy is met with the fear the nerves that overcome her before every show or prize giving, shortly followed by a huge sense of relief and achievement. The support Tina and Ali have given her over the years has been phenomenal. Even during the pandemic and lockdowns, they managed to find ways around it and continue to bring joy into my daughter’s life and our home through Zoom classes. 
The fees have always been reasonable; the costumes for shows are exceptional and never at an uncomfortable cost to us, more so a donation. The everyday leotards, tights, shoes etc are sourced at the best price, with help and advice given by Tina at every stage, which came in super useful when we had to buy our first pointe shoes! There’s a swap box too, which has come in handy many times. We hand in our outgrown attire and when we need something, we have usually been successful in finding it. 
If you’re looking to join a ballet school, where you are part of a family with support and guidance…look no further! This is the place for you. My daughter has made some wonderful friends over the years through the school. I’ve enjoyed watching her flourish up through the years, from Primary to Grade 6, from ballet, to contemporary to pointe. Thank you Tina and Ali…x     
Candice L

As a family, we have been involved with the school for the past 13 years with 2 daughters and my son learning ballet as well as myself now taking part in adult classes.
My daughter who is 15 is still dancing with the Murilova Ballet School having started when she was 3 years old.  She loves expressing herself through dance and learning ballet has given her the ability to do this.  The Murilova Ballet School is so welcoming and accepting of all people. It develops dancers that are confident in their own bodies, whilst teaching them ballet to a high standard due to the experience and skill of its teachers. She loves attending her weekly classes and has made lifelong friends and a skill for life that she can tap into, with all of its mental and physical benefits.
Sarah A.

The children thrive, smile, develop confidence and poise all due to the nurturing teaching style. As a former pupil of the school myself I had no doubts where my daughter would learn such a beautiful art. More than that though the school breeds friendships for life and transferable skills that look so great on a young adults CV. My daughter skips into lesson and skips out which says it all. Nothing compares to this unique school.   Natalie H.

Murilova is a warm, friendly and professional school where my son and daughter have developed technical skill alongside the transferable skills of coordination, concentration and confidence.  Tina’s kindness, encouragement and positivity means they enjoy their lessons and, as a result, are motivated to try their best –  what more can any parent ask for?                      
Jenny S.